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Is a makeup trial necessary?

​If you're indecisive as many of us are sometimes; a makeup trial will help with making a decision of the ideal look you'll want for your special occasion.

What to bring/think of for trial/consultation:
  • Bring picture samples of makeup looks that you like.

  •  How I describe a particular makeup look maybe too "technical" to you. For example, there are many variations to a smokey eye. Thus, bringing a picture will help convey exactly what you envision.

  • Be sure that the pictures you bring are somewhat similar to you, meaning your features, eye color, skin tone, hair color, eye shape etc. What may work for someone else may not work for you. 


Tell me what you don't want or like.

​As much as it is important to state what you do like and want. It just as important to say what you don't like. 

Do you have any allergic reactions?
 If you (or anyone in your party who's makeup will be done), have any reactions for any sort, whether it's because of a particular product or ingredient please let me know. 
Products that you enjoy using.

​If there is a staple product that you enjoy using bring it with you, as long as that products works with the ideal look that you are going for. I don't mind it at all.

What are your expectations for your wedding day?

It is best to let me know in advance if you will need touching up after the ceremony prior to you attending the reception or for the entire wedding day. This will prevent any disappointments. 

At the end of the day, it's all about you...

​As much as we want opinions  from our loved ones, it can become a pain. We all have an idea of what a bride "should" look like and having someone with you that doesn't have similar taste as you can sometimes be disastrous. At the end of it all it should be what you want and like...a glamorous YOU.

Destination Weddings?

I am willing and able to travel giving that all travel expenses are paid and my availability is open at for time period. The more notice given the better however, I do understand that there may be circumstances that can occur where sufficient notice isn't possible. Contact me to further discuss any questions you may have. 


What type of eyelash extensions are used?

The lashes used are synthetic and/or silk mink which are made of polyester. There are various lengths, curls, and thickness with lash extensions. Based on your natural lashes and the ideal look you're going for. The length, curl, and thickness will be unique to you.

What type of adhesive is used?

The only types of eyelash extension adhesive used are of premium quality that's formaldehyde free and latex free. 

Does eyelash extension hurt?

No, it does not hurt when eyelash extensions are applied. If you are experiencing any type of discomfort during or after your lashes have been applied. It is best to let the lash tech know immediately. 

How are eyelash extensions applied?

Classic eyelash extensions are adhered to your natural lashes one at a time thus having a more natural appeal verses strip lashes. 

I am new to eyelash extensions. What should I expect?
When you are going to your appointment, make sure your lashes are free of makeup ESPECIALLY mascara and eyeliner. Coming to an appointment with unclean lashes takes away from the time allotted for your appointment and may result in an extra fee. 

Before the eyelash extensions are applied, your natural lashes are prepped, a under eye gel pad (and medical tape IF necessary) is applied to hold down your bottom lashes and let the lashing begin.

Depending on they type of eyelash extension service or combination of services chosen the average appointment is 1-2.5 hours. It's nap time!! Come to your eyelash extension appointment ready to close your eyes and relax.

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